Bodrum – Gulf of Gokova

Administratively, Gulf of Gökova coastline includes portions of the districts of, clockwise, Bodrum, Milas, Muğla, Ula, Marmaris and Datça. The Greek island of Kos lies along the entry into the Gulf. The origins of the Blue Voyage lie in the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Gokova, the aptly named “Plains of the Sky”.It is considered to be one of the very first places The Blue Voyage started, and ideal choice for those whose aim is to relax.

Though great swathes of its coasts have been ravaged by recent forest fires, English Harbor is still a desirable stopover on a Blue Voyage. The name stuck since the Second World War when British raiders had a base here for their operations against German-held nearby Greek islands. Attesting to its beauty is the fact that a former president of Turkey had a home built on the shore of the bay that encloses English Harbor.

Orak Island is a location where yachts and Gulets on Gokova Tours do not pass without stopping. The island stretches opposite of Kargicik Inlet and has indented shores covered with olive trees in the lower slopes of the hills. There is no settlement on the island but there are sheltered coves that you can anchor at in the north and in the east the sea that is like an aquarium.

This large bay on Gokova’s northern coast is a favorite of cruising yachtsmen. Its wooded mountains provide shelter from the winds and its restaurants and bars are venues where tall sea stories are traded over good meals and refreshing drinks. It is also the place where water and provisions are replenished for further explorations of the gulf.

Actually called Sedir or Sehir Island, it was known as Cedrae in antiquity and the remains of the ancient settlement are still much in evidence. Legend has it that the fine silver sand found on the beach was shipped here from Egypt by Cleopatra for her pleasures with her lover Mark Anthony. Believe it or not – but see it.