Datca – Hisaronu

Bodrum – Datca – Hisaronu – Marmaris

A Voyage that offers many places. The most considerable and noted places to visit are; Knidos ancient city, Palamut Bay, Datça, Bencik, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, Serçe Harbor, Kadırga Bay.


Knidos is an ancient settlement located in Turkey. It was an ancient Greek city of Caria, part of the Dorian Hexapolis. It was situated on the Datça peninsula, which forms the southern side of the Sinus Ceramicus, now known as Gulf of Gökova. By the fourth century BC, Knidos was located at the site of modern Tekir, opposite Triopion Island. But earlier, it was probably at the site of modern Datça (at the half-way point of the peninsula).

The agora, the theatre, an odeum, a temple of Dionysus, a temple of the Muses, a temple of Aphrodite and a great number of minor buildings have been identified, and the general plan of the city has been very clearly made out. The most famous statue by Praxiteles, the Aphrodite of Knidos, was made for Cnidus. It has perished, but late copies exist, of which the most faithful is in the Vatican Museums.

Knidos was a city of high antiquity and as a Hellenic city probably of Lacedaemonian colonization. Along with Halicarnassus (present day Bodrum, Turkey) and Kos, and the Rhodian cities of Lindos, Kamiros and Ialyssos it formed the Dorian Hexapolis, which held its confederate assemblies on the Triopian headland, and there celebrated games in honour of Apollo, Poseidon and the nymphs.


Datca Peninsula is a prized location for tourists visiting Turkey, especially by sea, because of the beauty of its many coves and larger bays, which are favored ports of call for those undertaking the celebrated Blue Cruise along Turkey’s spectacular southwest coast. Boats (usually gulets) depart either from Bodrum or Marmaris, or from Datça itself for these tours.


Hisarönü is a tourist resort village in the Fethiye district of the Muğla Province of Turkey. It is situated at the western extreme of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and the southern extreme of the Aegean coast. The resort has grown from a very basic village in 1990 to the large resort with its neighbor Ovacık since then. In 1992, the road through Hisaronu to Kayaköy was paved for the first time.Hisaronu was originally intended to provide accommodation for nearby Ölüdeniz (where new building work is quite restricted). In response to its friendly atmosphere, Hisarönü has become a holiday resort in its own right. It is popular with British holidaymakers in particular


Bozburun is a small seaside town with own municipality in Marmaris district, in southwestern Turkey. The permanent population is about 2000. It is situated on the coast of the peninsula of the same name (Bozburun Peninsula) which extends in parallel to Datça Peninsula in the south. The town faces across the sea the town of Datça and the Greek island of Symi (Sömbeki in Turkish)

Although quieter than Marmaris bay’s two centers of tourism of international renown (Marmaris and İçmeler), Bozburun is a precious discovery for visitors who take the good but curvy road about 40(25) further in partance of Marmaris, due to its natural beauties and the exceptional flora. Tourism, fishing, sponge diving and apiculture are the main means of livelihood for its inhabitants. Its thyme honey is famous across Turkey. It has a small yet lovely harbor is also one of the key stops on the popular nautical tourism route of Blue Cruise. Its pristine sea is surrounded by coves. Bozburun is also well known in the region for its expert construction gulets, on a par with Bodrum and Güllük.


The environs of Marmaris is a vacation land. The Gölenge Icmeleri provides breathtaking scenery with great misty mountains descending to the golden sandy beaches. The clear, deep blue sea under the sunny sky is perfect for any kind of water-sport. This area is so appealing that you will need to spend several days to make the most of everything. Down a iinle from the mountains is Turunc Bay, bordered by various restaurants, each with a perfect view. You may taste delicious fish any time you like. Turunç, is a holiday resort surrounded by rich, natural beauty. Gunnucek, Yalanci Bogaz, Cennet Adasi (Nimara), Fosforlu Magara (the Phosphorous Cave), Çiftlik, Yavuz Plaji, Turgut (Selale), and Orhaniye with its natural harbor, are the other significant sites worth a visit.